my heart shape hard boiled eggs

i was excited to try out a heart shape hard boiled egg from anna the red blog. Miu from plus size kitten was responsible for this madness!!! She share the link of anna the red on facebook, and i read the blog... and i was crazy about bento after then! well, ok.. maybe i'm not so crazy as anna the red. I'm not making a bento, but the heart shape hard boiled egg is a must try!

Seriously.. it looks easy, and cute, and adorable... and i think i can do it at home without needing to buy anything on the store! (that's the most important things. i have everything i need to make a love eggs). yeah.. not forget to mention, Miu also try it out, exactly the same technique.. you can check on her blog too

Last night i try it out. BUT, i'm not using the same technique. That because, i have a Heart Shape mould in my kitchen (the one that i normally use to mould the rice for Juwita). So, i'm not using a box, copstick and whatever on the list, just a heart shape mould, a base made from hard board, and a string.

And... here's my eggs :):):)

unfortunately, i cannot make the egg yolk to stay in the middle. (kalau dia duduk diam kat tengah kan cantik.. macam anna punya heart shape hard boiled eggs... i wonder if there any tips on that~)

overall, saya buat 2 kaedah. satu ikut yang anna the red, pakai chopstick and all that, dan satu lagi pakai mould love. Dua dua turn out sangat comel.. tapi anna the red punya technique lagi cantik hasilnya sebab telur stay bulat lonjong kat luar. Kalau pakai mould tu, telur jadi slightly flat kat luar sebab kena tekan masuk... :):)

~seronok pulak playing around with foods. Nak try buat bento set lah...

~Juwita gile High5 pulak sekarang~~


Anonymous said…
Easy to understand,I like it!

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