Some call me freak

Few people knows this fact.
Most people doesn't have any clue.
Some might admire my act
The rest will think i'm freaking 'wuu' (yapeda punya poem)

Only few people knows that:

1. I was an athlete. Saya wakil Negeri dalam sukan Karate-do (kategori kumite/sparring), dan dapat pingat gangsa. Itu adalah 3 bulan sebelum PMR. jadi saya tolak latihan intensive SUKMA.

2. I was overweight. That was happen after i quit Karate. I ate the same portion of food, without doing the same workout. Dah kata atlit bersara kan... haruslah gemuk. hahaha

3. I get back in shape because i want to get a job. Hantu mana tah bagitau, kalau tak lawa susah nak dapat kerja dalam ID nih. So i hit the treadmill, and i learn how to makeup.

4. I love ID job. Actually. Seriously. Not kidding. TAPI!!!!! i fed up dengan my boss at that time. Thats why i quit.

5. I never jump into ID again because i know i can never give my all to the job. I mean, family number 1, no? walaupon gajinya lumayan...

6. I LOVE extreme sport. I really wanna try water rafting, hang gliding, para gliding.... and i really wanna do mountain climbing and camping, once again. (kalaulah boleh...)

7. I LOVE flowers but i seldom get one.

8. My husband is the one who responsible for my changes. He push me to become a better person, and i try my best to be the best every second of my life since i'm with him. (altho i make mistakes all the time)

9. I am excellent in cooking a western dish, but a lil' bit suck in malay cooking.

10. I can survive a week by just eating green salad, and i can survive a month without having a rice. (i did it few times before!)

11. I work with my husband as an account and admin. I do makeup service as a part-time.

12. I wanted to have a baby next year. Some people asking me to pray for a boy, but the fact is.. it doesn't really matters! ada 4 anak perempuan pon ok for me... tapi kesian my hubby lah, dia mesti nak boy kan..buat kawan gaduh-gaduh. hahaha

13. I LOVE singing and dancing, but i never show it to public.

~ 20 hari lagi besday Juwita!!!!!!

~ Lately jarang spend time dengan dia... sampaikan hantar taska pon dia menangis. Tandanya tak puas dengan ibu abah la tu.

~ Seminggu dah tak swim... boleh tak nak swim kat pusat maritim? hehehe (banyak pulak songeh)


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