Kepada yang berniat untuk memiliki kucing pedigree atau bakal memiliki kucing pedigree

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Sekarang ni, ramai orang banyak duit. Boleh import kucing mahal2. Well, its your money and its your decision. Tapi cuma satu nasihat saya, study the breed well, make your research and ask the expert. Most importantly, please become a responsible owner.

If you have a pedigree cat, your responsibility will be bigger. Please jaga dia punya pedigree line. And lastly, please think, what you wanna be and what the cat will be? Are you seriously want to become a breeder? or enter a show? or just a fun hobby to collect a cat from entire globe?

There's a lot of responsibilities no matter what decision you make and a lot of technical things you need to understand, not forget to mention, the empty wallet every month! If you breed your cat, please register them properly.  But before you even breed your cat, please think 100X, why again you want to breed your cat?

You don't want to become a backyard breeder or unethical breeder or irresponsible owner, do you?

I am not an expert, jauh sekali nak jadi otai. I am just a young new cattery owner who is dreaming to become a himalayan-persian breeder in Malaysia (who not even breed yet!) I am still learning, and i am learning to make the right thing.

Some people ask me, "if you want to become a breeder, and want to start breeding, why on earth you don't buy more? " " why don't you breed your female, she's in heat already"

Well, i believe, as a young new comer, i still have a lot of things to learn. And the keyword is "patient".

You don't want to make impulse buying, and regret later.
You don't want to get something in bulk that later you realize it beyond your capabilities.
You don't want to wake up someday and found out you don't want to make it work anymore.
You don't want to give up in the middle of your journey because you just tired.
You don't want someday, you found out that you are doing exactly like what a backyard breeder do, doing unethical and irresponsible thing.

I don't want that to happen to me, as well as i don't want that to happen to any of you!

At the end, never stop learning, and never shy to ask the expert. Please learn from the right person, and start doing the right thing.

Thank you.

your's truly.
from the bottom of my heart.

Ok. Tamat luahan hati. Jom tengok ahli keluarga baru saya..
(xde lah baru mana.. lama dah. Baru nak introduce)

Introducing my Himalayan Persian girl
Alexanna Unona of Lazzulibleu

Introducing my Himalayan Persian boy
Alexanna Astro of Lazzulibleu

...and astro just won his 1st rossette on FIFe show. He won 1st persian/exotic Junior!

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