E-commerce: online business root. Where is Bank Islam?

 This morning is a bit chaos in facebook and forum. The reason is that M2U is updating so no one can make any transaction and cannot even log in the account. Once M2U stuck, everything jam!

The thing is, online sellers are mostly rely on maybank2U. To make payment to supplier, to receive payment from buyer, and to pay a bills. And the "root" of successful online business is not only good product, but fast action. Meaning, buyer can make payment immediately, seller can receive payment on the spot, and within the same day, seller can arrange the delivery. Its about fast payment fast received. The competition in online business is tight. Product is nothing. It's almost similar and identical - u browse from one seller to another, u realize that the product is actually the same. The only different is the service provided; the smoothness of payment, the option of payment, and the fast delivery. 

Be in online business for quite some time, i can say that 70% of the customer have and choose maybank as a payment method. 30% will choose cimb. In a weird situation, i encounter a customer that request to make payment using ASB account and western union. O__O but its a rare case so its not included in the statistic. (We are talking about local buyer here). Out from 70% of customers who choose maybank, 80% of it have maybank account and able to make direct transfer. 20% of the rest doesn't have the account, but they still choose maybank instead of cimb. Why? Because it is more convenience - near to their office, near to house, available in town, etc..

And i guess, as an online seller, we have to go with the flow. Obviously the potential customer out there are mostly is a maybank account holder and able to make direct transfer. As a seller, we will definitely will provide the service that is most convenience to the customer. To NOT have a maybank account is like a taboo to online seller. When talking to customer and they agree to buy, the first thing they will ask is, "ada akaun maybank?" Only sometimes, i heard CIMB. And... NEVER in my life i heard a customer ask, "ada akaun bank islam?"

Where is bank islam in this technological-freak world? Are they not interested to capture this huge e-commerce community? Its like online seller have no other option rather than to embrace maybank, no?


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