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WTS never use dress and shirt

I have to sell back some of these dress because i cannot wear them due to its condition; jarang maa. You can always wear inner with these shirt and dress (people always do that). The problem is i never like to wear inner. Entah rimas n leceh je rasa.

The material is very nice, soft chiffon with nice color. High quality sumore. I sayang actually baju-baju ini tapi daripada tak pakai baik jual balik. Memang never wear pon semua baju ni. So its consider very very the new. 
Each shirt/dress cost me about rm55 to rm 70 ringgit. But i am gonna let go at rm35 each INCLUDING postage (which normally cost rm6). Take all of them and i give more discount for ease my burden. Haha~
All of them are size S. But you know laa some of the shirt is meant to be loose, and some of it is nicely fit. So come on come on... Grab all lah.