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A balances

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Most people summarized 2014 as a bad years for all Malaysian. And with all that expected to come in 2015, analyst forecasted that we are entering a difficult year. I believe that the world will always find a balance in everything. So i don't really see 2014 as a bad year. There are a good, the bad, and the ugly about 2014. If i sum up all that things, it form an equal-balance-life.
That is how i see life. When there is life, there will be dead. When there is development, there will be disaster. When there is profit, there will be loss. Nature will find its balance, like a night after a day, a spring after a winter, a sun after a rain. 
There is no point to hold in one moment when we have a chance to create thousand of moment afterward. We have no control over nature. Its in god's hand. But we can create and build an opportunity with whatever left with us. That's what make us human. We never give up. We will survive. 
2014 is past, 201…

In an emergency room

In an emergency room

In an emergency room,  I see crowd I see people I see eyes
In an emergency room, I see worried mom I see loving son I see sad granddaughter 
In an emergency room, I see love exist Unconditionally

N. Hida 26/12/14

My grandma is currently in a hospital. She is awake now (thank god) but she no longer can move half of her body. Doctor confirmed a blood clot in her brain. We will try every possible option to make her wake up and walk again. My grandma is very old. She is 84 years old. But No matter how old she is, and no matter how hard she might behave, she IS MY GRANDMA. Looking at her lying in a bed with the tube really crush my heart. 
Oo Allah, please help me. Help my grandma. Please give me strength.

Ladies, How to travel light?

Ladies, how to travel light?

Status kita sebagai WANITA dan MUSLIM adakalanya menyekat keinginan kita untuk mengembara, apatah lagi untuk ber-backpacking. Nak travel light? Rasanya kebanyakan wanita akan surrender dan berkata, TAK MUNGKIN! Tidak susah untuk travel light sebenarnya. Tidak bermakna bila travel light bermakna kita mengorbankan rupa paras dan penampilan. Akan tetapi kata-kata saya itu tidak pula bermakna kau boleh buat runway show sambil buat lambaian ratu ye. Kalau nak tukar heel setiap hari, siap nak matching handbag dengan kasut, aku mintak maaf awal-awal. Baik kau stop baca post ni, google artikel lain yang mungkin bertajuk, "bagaimana nak travel dengan membawa satu almari". Pendek kata, kalau kau tetap nk bawak kasut 5 pasang, hendbag 3 butir, tudung 10 helai, aku cadangkan kau tak payah la baca post ni. Baik baca quran.

Bagaimana untuk travel light?

7 december

7 December 2014.

Aku duduk tepi padang sambil dengar ( tak tengok sebab jauh) orang main paintball. Bising main paintball ni. Berjerit-jerit, bunyi tembak menembak. Wah, macam perang kau ye. Mungkin pencipta permainan ni nak lepas gian berperang. Ala-ala hunger game la, tapi tak mati betul. Kena tanda je. Eh pikir balik macam sedap je nak main, kalau lawan tu memang orang yang aku rasa nak tenyeh-tenyeh muka. Atau paling tidak, tension-tension dengan kerja ke assignment ke, boleh lepas geram. Sambil lepas geram boleh keluar peluh. Bagus juga kan.

Aku duduk tepi padang, sebab kelas habis awal. Next class pukul 4.30. Tapi kelas jam 2.45 dah habis. Sedih la pula. Last class tu. One of my favourite subjek (bukan subjek teras). Sebenarnya aku paling suka semua subjek teras; meaning subjek finance lah. Ekonomi pun salah satu favourite subjek. Monetary economic? Wah lagi suka. Gabungan economy dan money. Memang makanan aku.


(Disclimair: post ini dipublish beberapa minggu lewat dari tarikh ia ditulis.)

Sudah begitu lama pula tak menulis dalam bahasa melayu. Marilah kita mulakan blog ni dengan bahasa melayu kembali. Haritu ada orang tanya, kenapa semua travelog Cebu tulis bahasa inggeris? Huh, after berpuluh entry (berpuluh ker?) bahasa inggeris, baru la nak komplen? 

Sebenarnya, kalau perasan, travelog tu aku tulis semasa di Cebu, bukan selepas aku pulang ke tanah air. Aku tulis setiap hari bila ada masa terluang antara aktiviti, atau ketika sebelum tidur. Oleh kerana semasa di Cebu aku bertutur 90% dalam bahasa inggeris (kecuali dengan Rauf) dan 10% nya lagi aku bertutur dengan mata dan tangan, makanya terbiasa pula dengan bahasa inggeris. Janggal pula rasanya menulis dalam bahasa melayu ketika itu. Bila menulis, aku menulis dari hati. Jadi hati aku berkata-kata dalam bahasa inggeris. Sebab tu ayat inggeris yang terkeluar. Hahahaha! Tak percaya? Kalau tak percaya belah lah dada, korek lah hati.

mulia sangat kah kau?

Antara sifat perkauman, prejudis dan kemanusiaan.

Pada suatu hari, aku scroll scroll newsfeed FB dan aku ternampak ada gambar seseorang kongsi, tentang seorang lelaki warganegara bangladesh yang telah disimbah petrol dan dibakar. Habis mukanya hangus. Dalam segelintir yang simpati, ramai pula yang mengagak itu ini. 
"Agaknya dia ada buat something la tu"
"Kita tak tau apa dia buat. Entah2 kacau bini orang. Layak lah kena bakar. Nasib baik tak kena masuk guni, lempar dalam sungai"
"Orang bangla memang macam ni. Bila dah lama kat sini mula naik kepala. Saya memang tak suka bangsa ni" 

Kejap ye aku nak cuba paham.


Tak, aku tak paham!

Cebu day 5 (homesick in my own home)

A step away from heaven
We reached Cebu city yesterday around 3pm local time and we dropped out from bus at Cebu central. Then we took a taxi to the hotel which cost us 61 peso but we paid 65 instead to ease the count. The hotel, names The Well Hotel is a metropolitan hotel with huge lobby with chandelier, a staff with uniform, touch screen elevator, automatic key card, huge flat screen LCD TV with 20 something cable TV channels, huge shower, and air-conditioned. The first 5 minutes i felt strange. Its a change in environment completely. I suddenly forget how to use elevator. For the first time ever i felt weird with the flat screen TV installed at the wall. This is the first time i never interested with TV channels. And no, i did not exaggerate this. That's exactly what i felt when i first enter to this hotel and our room. I remember when i booked this hotel through Agoda, i chose this hotel for its free wifi, free breakfast, and a flat screen TV with 20+ cable TV channels includ…

Cebu day 4 (A piece of my heart left in a piece of heaven)

3 hours bus ride 
From Oslob to Cebu city. Its only cost us 144 peso per person. The 1st 15 minutes i enjoyed the scenic view of the ocean until my head start spinning again and i don't know when i felt asleep. I woke up an hour and a half later and the view was changed. Crowded city with heavy traffic. Gosh! That moment, i felt like my head was hit by a truck. I felt something was left behind. I felt the pain in my chest like i was stabbed multiple times.
At that moment, i already miss the waterfall and the crystal sea water in Moalboal.
I already miss the whale shark in Oslob.
I already miss my humble room beside the beach in Panagsama.
I already miss the white dog who sleep in our room's balcony at Tipolo.
I already miss the long trekking.
I miss all the nice people i met in Moalboal.
I miss the tiring hiking moment.
I miss the cliff jumping.
I miss the adrenaline rush when i did canyoning.
I miss everything that i left behind as the bus drive away to Cebu leaving Oslob.

Cebu day 4 (Seasick)

(I am terribly sorry for a huge delay on this post. Too much assignment, too many presentation and too many groups to attend. A month has passed, yet Cebu travelog is way far to meet the end)

This morning i woke up around 4 and had a cup of instant coffee which i vomit few minutes later due to lactose intolerance. So basically, my tummy was empty. I went to the Whale Shark centre with empty tummy without knowing the consequences. After the whale shark session over, i felt dizzy and spinning. We straight enter the vehicle and move to Tumalog Falls. I already felt like vomiting inside the van. When we reach Tumalog, the guy offer a motorcycle to take us to the falls but we refuse and chose to walk. I really need a space and air. It doesn't took long before i vomit and vomit and vomit. Nothing cames out, only water and saliva and a lot of form like  thing which i don't know what. I felt much better after few time vomiting and manage to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Tumalo…

Cebu day 3 (i am touched!)

My heart touched by the filipino. 
When we reached Bato, we were suppose to take another bus to oslob. From my reading, we should take another yellow bus with a sign "Cebu" on it. The bus attendant was trying hard to help us to get the right bus. The locals here are amazing! They were all very informative and helpful. Even some of them are not very good in english, (yes, i did met some cebuano who cannot speak in english) they tried hard helping us, showed everyone the address that we brought so that the bus can drop us at the right place. I was touched with them! 
In a bus, the bus attendant asked another passenger the address that we brought. He even sat at the front looking and searching for a signboard of "Malonzo Pension House" for us. I felt save in a bus although i cannot resist from keep looking at the windows in worried. 
And there was one man, tanned skin, red hair, big body. He don't speak english. You may mistaken him as a bad guy if you simply jud…

Cebu day 3 (A trip from Moalboal to Oslob)

Moalboal to Oslob
The tricycle guy took us from Tipolo beach resort at 11.45 and bring us to Kawasan falls, which, if i'm not mistaken located in Allegria. So we spend about 2 hours in Kawasan Falls before taking a yellow bus to Bato. The bus ticket cost us 50 peso per person. Its a non conditioning bus but good enough since the seating is comfy and the windows are open. So we got a fresh air and a scenic view along the way. 
We reach Bato about 1.5 hours later when the bus reached his final point, which is Bato bus terminal. From Bato, we took another yellow bus with a sign "Cebu" to Oslob. Since this one is an air-conditioning bus, the ticket is a little bit higher. It cost us 40 peso per person from Bato to Malonzo Pension House, which is located at San Jose street Poblacion. Last time i checked in tripadvisor forum, it will only cost you 20 peso from Bato to Oslob by regular bus. But its okey anyway. We got air conditioning bus complete with movie, and a nice, friend…

Cebu day 3 (haggling at Kawasan falls)

Haggling guide at Kawasan
Apart from a scenic view in Kawasan Falls, and a fantastic bamboo rafting below the waterfall, the guides here are quite pushy. Be firm and polite at the same time to said no to all of the guides was never work out successfully. One of the guide follow us until the entrance counter. For entrance, we need to pay 10 peso per person. I finally asked my brother to said no to him in a more firm way since i found the situation was a bit awkward and uncomfortable for us. We don't need a guide to walk. Its an easy road by the way. But when he walk faster leaving us after my brother confront, i felt sorry and worried at the same time. I felt sorry because when i think back, he only asked for a 50 peso per person. That is equal to 100 peso which is less than 3AUD. I felt like i was so rude. I also felt worried because i am afraid he may hold a grudge on us. And i don't want to feel more awkward when we meet him again up there at the waterfall. 
Well, of course…

Cebu day 3 (Tricycle dealing)

Tricycle dealing
While we finish our coffee at Panagsama beach this morning, we were approached by a cute guy offering his service, a ride to Kawasan Falls. He ask politely and he look cute so i took my time dealing with him. He start his offer 600 peso from Panagsama to Kawasan, which i think is too high. So i ask for 400 peso but he said no. His last offer was 500 peso. I read from some forum that we can actually get around 350 peso to Kawasan but only if you can get a deal with older tricycle rider. I asked him about his rate to white beach and he start with 400 peso. I asked for a discount and he gave me 300 and it is final. So i agreed and we went straight away. The deal was a return ride from Panagsama to white beach and return back. He will wait for 2 hours in white beach for us to do our activity there. 
We done swimming about an hour later and get back to the tricycle. On the way back, the tricycle guy offer a ride to Kawasan for 500 peso but i politely reject the offer beca…

Cebu day 3 (the german guy)

The german guy
I don't remember he told his name, but my brother said he did. I don't know his name. And i don't think i need to mention that he is talkative too because, like i told before, everyone here is talkative. So, the german guy is the owner of Tipolo Beach Resort, a place we stay in Moalboal for 2 nights. Yesterday, he followed us to Montanezza falls. I thought he gonna join the canyon-ing but he was not. He is actually installing those safety hook ( i don't know the name of that thing) on a rock as the rope need to be tighten on that thing. The last one that was installed was flooded with water after a last heavy rain like few weeks ago. So he need to installed the new one that would be higher than the water level, and visible to the eyes. Its on the last waterfall we went down. 30 meters high hanging in the sky and slowly went down using a rope. So the rope is tighten on that metal thing that the german guy installed on the rock. Since he just installed th…

Cebu day 3 (the plan)

The plan
I called today as a hop in hop off day. We want to go to the white beach, Kawasan Falls, and straight to Oslob. I did a research about the public transportation from moalboal to oslob complete with the budget we should expect. I also listed down a bus and the connecting cities. I wrote it all down in my travel planner. But a careless me left the planner in Malaysia. Who the hell gonna use those info back there? Sigh.  Very well. Now we have to start over. So the plan is, to meet the german guy, which is the owner of this resort, and ask for a direction, which bus to pick, where to stop, and which bus to continue. And hopefully, we will reach Oslob without getting lost. Yes. Thats the plan. 

(we did not found the german guy that morning. End up we asked the tricycle rider on how to get to Oslob from Kawasan falls. We ride a tricycle to Kawasan fall by the way)

Cebu day 2 (canyon-ing... What?)

Canyon-ing... What?
Canyoning. I never heard this word before. So i was curious. This is one of many extreme adventure package that was arranged by planet action adventure here in Moalboal. Only in Moalboal you get this. So what is "canyoning"? It actually come from the base word "canyon", and since we gonna have to do something at the canyon, they call it canyon-ing. So what do we do when we canyoning, actually? Seriously i was curious before. The word "adrenaline rush" on a pamphlet really caught my attention. So we sign up. 
I was very nervous since i sign up. I was nervous whenever i think about it. The feeling is a combination of nervous and excited at the same time. So we proceed anyway. There's no way to turn back. We start around 9 and after some quick shopping for the food for BBQ-lunch, we had an hour drive from Panagsama beach to Montanezza fall. 
Upon arriving, immediately we were equipped with harness, carabiner, safely jacket, and safely…

Cebu day 2 (Cebuano and us)

Everyone is talkative!
Yeah, before i start to talk about the exciting part; canyon-ing, let me just write about something that might be less attractive, but interesting to my point of view. I realize, not only To To and Jeanie are talkative here. Everyone here is talkative and friendly! I cannot passing through anyone without a 'good morning' greet. Its kinda hard for us in the beginning since we both are some kind of introvert. But we learn quick to just greet everyone we met and smile and be friendly. I took some effort to talk about something to start a conversation like a weather for example. It turn out great, i guess, since we received a good response and honest smiled from them.

We blend very well.
Well, not in socializing maybe, but in our look. Since we came here, we always mistakenly thought by the local as a cebuano or a filipino. People passing by and talk filipino with us. Then we have to mention we do not understand filipino and they say sorry and speak english t…

Cebu day 2 (Moalboal sunrise and the walk)

The sunrise and the walk
Since we arrived here in Tipolo quite late yesterday, its already dark, i didn't saw anything that look fastinating except Jeanie, my balcony and my bed. So i woke up really early today to catch the sunrise. I woke up at 4 am in the morning and wrote my first travelog, "1st day in cebu". Sunrise here is around 5.20am. And before you know it, the surrounding changed. It's heavenly beautiful and peaceful. Its like in a movie scene or picture perfect in a calendar or in a Microsoft window wallpaper. After watching the sunrise, we took a walk at the beach. There are no sand here in Panagsama. Only stones and coral stone on a beach. The water is so shallow i can even saw a starfish, sea urchin and crab in a water around my knee high. The water is crystal clear, even the smallest fish can be seen from above. Oh i am so in love with this place already!

We decided to walk along the ally toward white beach to find a convenience store to buy some bread…

Cebu day 1 (Jeanie)

Jeanie is talkative too!
Now we met Jeanie. Another talkative Filipinos or they call them self cebuano (its mean the local Cebu people). Jeanie showed us our room, brief us about the room and surrounding and later she gave advice and tips to go around the area and before you know it, she talk and talk and talk like never end. I was like... "The hell... When she gonna stop...". Don't get me wrong, the info she told us are all very useful and she is very kind and friendly to told us all those tips and info too. But with my condition, after four hours turbulence, and another three and a half hours car sickness, all i wanted to do was take a shower and collecting myself back together again. Not forget to mention i was also felt very hungry. To have a long conversation and concentration was the last thing i wanted to do now. So i end up nodded, smiled, and "aaaaah" and "oookeyyyy" again, and my mind definitely not there! Sorry about that!

Cebu day 1 ( Mactan to Moalboal)

Mactan to Moalboal. 
To To told us the road to Moalboal complete with the name of all cities we will passing through. But believe me, i don't remember any of those name except Mactan, Cebu city, and Moalboal. I was too tired to concentrate about all that fact. And to make it worse, the three and a half hours drive ride from Mactan to Moalboal is really is a pain in the ass. Mactan to Moalboal is only 150km but it took THREE hours++ to reach. Why? The bad traffic in most cities we encountered, the road construction, and the winding road that feels like never end. When we drove inside cities, all i saw was people, jeepney, bad traffic, tricycle, and construction. First you got excited, but when you saw the same thing like 10 times over and over again, you get sick of it. Its frustrated. The car keep braking to avoid the slow jeepney and tricycle, not to mention have to make a sudden takeover on lorry and buses. This make me feel dizzy. Oh, i am really not good in long hour car drive.…

Cebu day 1 (The Arrival)

The arrival
We arrived at Cebu Mactan International Airport at 2.20pm. The flight was not smooth but i already expected that since the weather right now is really unexpected. We met a person who hold a paper with my name at the waiting area outside the airport. We met a driver named To To. I booked an airport transfer from Tipolo Beach Resort; a resort where i will stay in Moalboal for 2 days. To To is a very nice man and talkative too. He talk about a lot of things from how Ferdinand Mageland (he said Mageland's real name was Fernando Mageliandis (or something like that) because he is spaniard. He told us about Lapu Lapu history. He talked about how philipines was under the portugal/spanish for more than 400 years and later under US for 40+ years. He talked about how Philippines ask for an independence from US. That's what created the Philippines we see now. A married culture of malay (he said they all was once a malay) and spaniard and later under the US territory for 40+ ye…

Cebu day 1 (Dinner and great plan)

The first dinner
Lesson learnt. Never ever order 2 serving meal here, it HUGE! I came to the restaurant starving so everything sound delicious except pork and meat. Vegetarian options are huge too! So i ordered arabiata pasta. Its written there its spicy, so i was hoping a real spicy kick like a food in thailand, or in melaka. Oh boy i was wrong. I don't even know if there's a chilli on it. But apart from that, the pasta is nice. But its too huge for my serving. My brother ordered fish curry with pineapple and to complement with this dish, he order a plate of rice. Another huge meal. The fish is for 2 serving (well, for us at least). So next time, just order 1 serving meal. We plan to try out their famous traditional fire oven bake pizza tomorrow. 
After dinner, we went to planet action adventure counter and manage to secure a canyoning session for tomorrow. Its only 2 of us, with a guide and instructor. It's gonna be fun!!!

A great poem by Imam As-Syafie about travel.

"Leave your country in search of loftiness,
And travel! For in travel there are 5 benefits:
Relief of adversity and earning of livelihood,
And knowledge and etiquettes and noble companionship.
If it is said that travelling brings humiliation and difficulty,
And long journeys across deserts and toil and trouble.
Then death is better for a person than him remaining,
In a humiliating land between traitors and enviers."

I miss winter

I miss winter

Summer is too sweaty People going crazy They eat and they drunk and everything become so pricey
Autumn is too windy and leaf change its color and drop like it's crying It's autumn at the park, it's autumn in my heart Everything is too gloomy like my day in moaning
Spring is just too flowery I almost think we are in heaven But my nose is running as much as the rain is pouring that wet my sneakers and my fancy muffler Wakes me up from my dream just to make me remember How i hate spring, autumn and summer
Oh, i really miss winter Yes, it's cold and it's snow Makes you wear four layers and more But there is something about that weather Makes me feel alive and full with power There is something about winter That other season cannot be compare My heart is warm in a freezing day Like a candle light in the darkest night Like a hot coffee to start my day And that heater that warm me through the night.
Thinking back, I don't hate spring, autumn and summer I only miss winter  every sing…

Lord Of Fries, penari erotik jalanan, dan Best Of Both.

Siapa kata hidup ini senang? Nak lahir susah, hidup susah, nak mati pun susah. Tak ada apa yang senang di dunia ini. Nak senang pun kena susah payah dulu baru dapat bersenang lenang. Dah bersenang lenang nanti, bersusah payah pula cari kerja nak buat isi masa lapang. 

Di Melbourne ada banyak street performance. Dari performance yang hebat gile yang layak diberi tepukan dan upah 4 dollar (banyak sangat lah tu bagi aku), kepada performance yang cikai-cikai yang kita sendiri malu nak tengok dan sampai kita terpikir, diorang ni sebenarnya takde bakat langsung, tak malu ke buat benda ni?

Ber-snorkeling di Pulau Sapi

Ber-snokeling di pulau Sapi. 

Tidak susah untuk ke pulau Sapi. Pulau Sapi terletak di dalam gugusan Tunku Abdul Rahman Park (TARP). Ada beberapa pulau dalam TARP. Antaranya pulau Manukan, Sapi, dan beberapa lagi pulau (aku lupa hahaha)

Tabung buluh seorang pengembara

Tiap orang ada cara masing2 untuk menyimpan, bergantung pada matlamat dia menyimpan wang itu. Betul tak? Bagi traveler atau orang yang memang minat mengembara, tidak sah lah kalau tak ada tabung buluh khas untuk travel. Kalau letak dalam akaun je pun bahaya, silap-silap tershopping online tau-tau dah overspend. Kalau simpan cash bawah bantal pulak, kang tiba-tiba nak beli GoPro, wahh selamba je tutup mata ambil duit tu. Kan? 

Susah kan nak disiplin menyimpan? Kecuali ada satu determinasi yang kuat sampai jadi kedekut habis kat diri sendiri, tak beli apa-apa. Susah juga tu. 

Saya ada satu cara saya sendiri untuk menyimpan. Dengan cara ni, kiranya saya takde peluang dan susah untuk saya terguna duit tu. Caranya adalah dengan menyimpan duit untuk travel dalam

Anakku, jangan kau kahwin dahulu

Anakku jangan kau kahwin dahulu. 

Satu hari nanti, akan tiba masanya Juwita menjadi remaja maka ketika itu hanya satu nasihatku, 

Anakku, sebelum kau menemui sang jejaka dan otakmu diracuni idea untuk menamatkan zaman bujangmu sebegitu muda, lihatlah dunia ini anakku, mengembaralah kamu ke pelosok dunia. Luaskanlah penglihatanmu, bukalah hatimu pada kepelbagaian di dunia ini. Lihatlah kebarangkalian yang ada di luar sana. Usah kau sempitkan fikiran mu di bawah tempurung kelapa kerana dunia ciptaan ilahi ini luas, dan bukan di cipta untuk kamu duduk di rumah sahaja. Terbanglah bebas serata dunia kerana kelangsungan kehidupan adalah hasil migrasi spesisnya. 

Tidakkah engkau ingin melihat Al-hamra?  Berjalan di kota Cordoba?  Merentasi lembah Himalaya?  Melihat matahari terbenam di pulau Santorini?  Memetik buah ceri dari pokok?  Melihat dengan mata sendiri pokok zaitun tertua di dunia?  Merasai sendiri enaknya pasta buatan tangan?  Minum kopi terenak di Melbourne?

Maka sebelum kau ucapkan perkataa…

Hangatkan jiwamu disaat salji membeku

Hangatkan jiwamu di saat salji membeku.
Aku baru pulang dari Melbourne beberapa hari lepas. Ini bukan kali pertama aku ke Melbourne dan bukan juga kali pertama aku merasai salji dan bermain di salji. Mount Bawbaw bukanlah nama yang asing bagi aku kerana tahun lepas pun aku ke sana bersama keluarga juga. Tapi yang membezakan kali ini dengan yang lepas-lepas adalah pengalamannya. Unik dan tersendiri. Walau ke tempat yang sama, jalan yang sama, lokasi yang sama, namun pengalamannya tetap berbeza. 

How to treat eczema naturally

Few month ago, i found a rashes and a flaky skin around juwita's knees, elbows, and back of her knees. We went to skin specialist to check (actually saya ingat Juwita kena kudis sebab dia garu-garu gigitan nyamuk.) Bila consult doktor pakar kulit, doktor tanya family history. Ada family yg allergic? Kena skin allergic? Ada family members yang ada eczema? Yang ada alahan? Yang ada athma? 
Hmmm... Dalam otak ni terus terbayang my sis, Ain. So i said yes in most of doctor's question. So, doktor kata, "most probably this lil girl kena Eczema". Mula-mula weird sebab saya takde apa alahan pada kulit. (Pernah terjadi, tapi long time ago, masa lepas recover dari denggi. Doktor ckp its just healing process, badan buang toksin). Tapi doktor cakap eczema ni keturunan, tak semestinya dari ibu bapa sahaja.

Mode to ON


Tak tahu mode apa nak on sebenarnya. Mode nak puasa, mode nak raya, mode nak travel,... Tapi sebelum semua tu, kena on dulu mode nak studi dan mode untuk final exam. 

Tadi aku katam balik tulisan di blog aku ni di bawah chapter travel n vacation eh menarik juga eh? Hahaha puji diri sendiri. 

Sebenarnya bila baca balik banyak kenangan lama menjelma kembali. Dari mula baca the latest one tu travel ke melbourne, trip ke kundasang, pastu ada short stay kat PD.. Semua tu masa Juwita dah besar sikit ni. Orang kata masa dia dah berakal. Scroll belakang-belakang lagi, ada banyak juga percutian-percutian dalam negara yang aku bingkiskan di blog ni rupanya. Dari juwita kecil berkelek lagi, time dia dengan rambut panjang berkerinting tu kat Langkawi, kat Ipoh, Kuching..hahaha! Then masa dia botak baby lagi masa tu pergi bercuti ke pangkor... Banyak nya kenangan. Tersengih sorang-sorang tengok.

So far, untuk tahun ini t…

Benak hatiku

Sebelum cerita tentang kejayaan, fikirkan dahulu apa yang sanggup kita korbankan untuk berjaya. Satu quote yang saya suka, "Untuk dapat apa yang kita suka, kita kena belajar untuk suka apa yang kita benci"

Orang kaya je ke boleh main saham?

Tidak benar sama sekali

Sebenarnya, untuk invest dalam pelaburan saham tidak memerlukan modal yang besar. Maksud aku untuk memulakan langkah itu, bukan untuk pelaburan itu sendiri. Untuk memulakan langkah, apa yang anda perlukan hanyalah IC Malaysia yang sah, bank statement, dan duit kertas RM10. Kalau nak bayar dengan syiling 10 sen sebanyak 100 keping pun boleh. Aku tak larang. Tapi bersedialah untuk direnung manja pegawai bank, ok? Dan yang paling penting, empunya diri perlu hadir di mana-mana investment bank pilihan untuk membuka akaun CDS dan trading akaun. Anda perlukan 2 akaun tersebut sebelum boleh mula membeli dan menjual saham.

CDS, atau dengan perkataan lain Central Depository System, gunanya macam akaun lah. Bila beli saham, saham tu akan masuk dalam CDS akaun anda. Kalau anda jual saham tu, saham tu akan di debitkan dari akaun CDS anda. Trading akaun pula, perlu untuk melakukan transaksi itu. Anda kena ada duit dalam trading akaun untuk beli saham. Nak masukkan duit dalam…

Pelaburan saham. Adakah untuk orang kaya?

Wowwii lama betul blog ni tak berupdate. Kononnya sibuk, tapi sebenarnya lupa ada blog. Atau kerana terlalu sibuk sampai lupa ada blog. Sebab lain adalah ketiadaan device yang sesuai untuk upload. Iphone kecil sangat nak menaip panjang-panjang, ipad pula jarang ku online. Banyak kerja-kerja sahaja dalam tu. Laptop? Dah selamat aku campak masuk laut kerana lambat nya mengalahkan siput. Tapi aku dah ganti laptop lembab tu dengan laptop lain. Maka semangat untuk update blog kembali. Tambahan pula, semua gambar dalam iphone telah aku pindah ke laptop itu. Semangat!

Aku nak cerita pasal pelaburan saham. Dengar macam serius, dengar macam mainan orang kaya aja.

Karier vs wang vs masa

Successful carrier. Lotsa money. Time. 
Obviously we cannot have all of it at the same time. Kadang kala aku rasa nak pursue a successful carrier. Jadi wanita berkerjaya yang berjaya. Tapi bila fikir balik, boleh ke aku kerja 9am- 5pm, 5 hari seminggu? Ada je benda aku nak buat hari selasa, hari rabu... Aku suka pergi travel start hari selasa sebab hari selasa flight lagi murah dari hari Jumaat! Aku suka duduk hotel hari rabu sebab rate malam rabu lagi murah dari rate malam sabtu! Aku suka travel lama, paling kurang mesti seminggu. Apa barang pergi bercuti hujung minggu. Oleh itu, disebalik naluri aku ingin menjadi wanita korporat yang berjaya, aku sayang meninggalkan kebebasan masa yang aku ada. 

Lotsa money. Tak semestinya perlu jadi wanita korporat. Tak semestinya kena kerja dengan orang untuk dapat banyak wang. Nak buat apa wang? Rasa bebas. Bebas kewangan apabila ada banyak

My himalayan-persian girl is available

I am from lazzulibleu cattery, one of a few himalayan cattery in Malaysia is currently have 2 himmie girl available for a good, non-cages home. Price is around RM3k++ (can nego a bit)

Enjoy their adorable picture~ 

Berbahas gaya kita

Orang Malaysia sangat pelik. Kita terkenal dengan bangsa yang sopan santun, cakap beralas, hormat menghormati. Natijahnya? 

Ternyata, kerana dari asal nenek moyang kita tidak di biasakan dengan "argument" (kerana argument sentiasa di pandang sebagai taboo; tidak sopan dan tidak hormat lah kamu jika berbahas dengan orang tua, dengan orang lain, dengan sesiapa sahaja. Kan kita bangsa yang lemah lembut dan berbudi bahasa?) makanya, kita tidak di ajar untuk berbahas dengan baik (good argument). Dan kerana argument sentiasa dipandang sebagai sesuatu yang kurang ajar, maka terbiasa bangsa kita untuk cenderung ke arah "bad argument". Dengan kata lain, alang-alang membantah biar biadap terus.

Bagaimana yang di katakan "bad argument"?

Ketam mengajar anak berjalan

Ada seorang pakcik masuk ke dalam kedai kek mama aku. Dia bukan nak beli kek tapi nak beli kupon parking. Memang kami agen kupon parking di area Jasin pun. Bukan lah banyak dia nak beli, sekeping aje. Dengan baju batik, muka unfamiliar, gaya pun tak macam orang tempatan. Tambah lagi dia nak beli sekeping je kupon parking. Confirm orang luar. (Kalau orang sini mesti biasanya mereka beli sebuku kupon terus) 

Lepas pakcik tu bayar 50sen, dia tegur, 
"Salah tu eja span" 
"Haa?" Termangu sekejap aku. Petang-petang memang la blur kan. Tambah lagi dengan cuaca yang panas, rasa macam nak landing je atas katil dalam bilik rehat tu. 
"Tanda tu, tulis kek span. Salah tu eja span" 
"Oh iya ka?" Aku buat-buat dungu. Sambil buat muka mak andih. Sambil tu aku pandang juga tanda yang di maksudkan. Aku tengok sambil dalam hati memikir juga, apa yang silap eh?? Tak sempat aku tanya pakcik tu dah jawab,

Tudung dan salam

Semasa aku bercuti di phuket, aku ada mengambil pakage snorkeling dan kayaking di pulau Phi Phi dan James Bond Island. Ia merupakan 2 pakage berbeza yang di lakukan pada 2 hari berlainan, tapi aku tak ingat yang mana satu kejadian ini berlaku, jadi anggaplah mana-mana pun. 

Di dalam kapal, kami di beri instruction dan penerangan tentang trip hari itu, apa yang kami boleh expect akan dapat serta do's and don't sepanjang trip. Di hujung penerangan, instructor sentuh tentang makanan, di mana mereka kata semua boleh makan apa yang tersedia di dalam kapal, serta apa yang tersedia di pulau semasa berhenti nanti. 

Jujurnya aku tak risau tentang makanan. Bukan lah kerana aku tak kisah kalau makanan tu tak halal, atau kerana aku susah nak was was, atau sebab aku anggap situasi itu darurat, tapi sebab aku dah buat research sebelum pergi. Hasil kajian aku mendapati makanan sepanjang trip adalah halal dan ia disahkan oleh  peserta muslim sebelum ini serta agensi pelancongan phuket. Sebab…

Bawa bekal untuk jimat kos

Lantaran kos sara hidup yang semakin meningkat, aku selaku menteri surirumah mengumumkan semua rakyat yang bekerja digalakkan membawa bekal ke tempat kerja. 

Agak-agak apa reaksi yang bakal diterima?

Main katun katun

Ada satu kisah lucu yang nak aku kongsi dengan semua. Kejadian ni berlaku semasa aku bekerja part time di kedai kek mak aku. Hari itu merupakan 2 hari sebelum hari raya cina. 

Sepasang warga emas masuk ke dalam kedai. Aku rasa laa warga emas, sebab yang lelaki agak tua umurnya. Tapi yang wanita tu tidak la tua mana, aku kira mungkin dalam lewat 30 kut! Eh, 30 belum warga emas lagi kan? Hahaha! Mereka meng-usha kek di dalam chiller sambil berbual sesama mereka. Aku pon serba salah nak masuk campur sebab kemain rancaknya mereka berbual sampai macam tak nampak aku kat sebelah tu cuba nak layan diorang. Aku rasa kalau aku korek hidung pon diorang tak perasan punya lah. Tapi aku tidak lah segila itu nak korek hidung di khalayak ramai. 

Tidak lama kemudian, pakcik tua pandang aku dan mula bersuara, " eh kau ni orang melayu ke hapa?" 

Hantu yang suka tanya "Dah makan?"

Aku bekerja sambilan di sebuah kedai kek di Melaka (poyo je lebih, kedai mak aku je pon). Staff memang silih berganti, tapi ada seorang yang aku paling ingat. Walaupun aku tak ingat nama budak tu, tapi aku ingat dia sebab setiap kali dia nampak muka aku, dia akan tanya soalan yang sama, "akakkk~~~ dah makannnn~~?????" Pertama kali aku ditanya, aku senyum dan menjawab mesra, "dah". Tapi peliknya, tak sampai 30 minit kemudian, dia ternampak aku lagi, di tempat yang sama, dan dia bertanya lagi, "akak dah makan?" Dengan sedikit kehairanan tapi masih mesra, aku menjawab, "dah" dan masih tersenyum. Ok. Aku sambung kerja, budak tu sambung kerja. 

Kenapa aku tak pakai tudung awning instant

Sebenarnya, banyak kali aku pernah di tanya oleh wanita dan lelaki, "kenapa kau tak pakai tudung instant? Tak ke lagi senang n cepat kau nk bersiap, sarung aje". Atau pun, ada juga soalan yang bernada begini, "kau x letih ke lilit-lilit tudung. Instant kan senang x payah susah-susah nak lilit, bawa brooch banyak-banyak, pin lagi". 

Opportunity cost

Sejak aku bergelar "pelajar" semula (walaupon bukanlah full time student pon, malahan dipanggil pelajar "matang" pula) banyak berkara yang aku terpaksa korbankan lantaran terpaksa membuat pilihan antara tanggungjawab sebagai pelajar dan lain-lain. Antara perkara yang aku terlepas tahun lepas adalah:

1. Beberapa catshow  Sangat sadis kerana terpaksa menahan jeles melihat gambar-gambar rakan se-hobi bergumbira di catshow bersama hadiah yang dimenangi dan kucing masing-masing.

2. Majlis resepsi adik aku Lagi sadis. Wedding adik aku belah perempuan aku x dapat sertai sebab betul-betul habis nikah aku bersama husband shoot balik klang sebab esoknya aku ada test @__@

3. Percutian keluarga di Bukit Merah Lake Town Resort. Walaupon tidaklah terkilan mana tapi agak terasa juga kehilangannya kerana ia antara acara keluarga. Aku miss juga sebab masa tu berada di Klang, ada kuliah.

4. Majlis menyambut menantu adik aku Paling sadis. Resepsi belah keluarga kami (majlis menyambut…

Cuti sem yang hilang

Well, kalau ada yang perasan (ke tak perasan) aku dah ubah resolusi kat sebelah kanan tu. Now dah jadi resolusi 2014. So x payah nak ulas panjang pasal tu.

Since final exam aku dah berakhir, hmmm tak tau la nak cakap apa. Last paper tu aku ada sikit gusar sbb aku tau kat mana aku buat silap and the theory part aku tahu mmg salah se salah salah nya (amek kau). I just hoping my carry mark would be high enough to support my mark so that i can get an A. Agak menyesal di situ sbb last topic i skip reading module but only read slide instead. Tp apa boleh buat... Nasi dah jadi bubur. Terpaksa let go my mistakes. And paling penting kena foa banyak2 sbb now its between me, the mark and Allah. Hanya Allah je yg dpt bantu aku skrg. Ya Allah tunjukkan lah miracle mu ya-Allah!!!!!
Few things aku nk buat masa cuti sem ni tp sebab satu paper tu aku jd makan x kenyang tidur x lena. Serius!! Sbb aku ada expectation yg sangat tinggi pada subjek tu. Tiap kali teringat pon akan rasa mcm sesak napas. Oran…