I miss winter

I miss winter

Summer is too sweaty
People going crazy
They eat and they drunk
and everything become so pricey

Autumn is too windy
and leaf change its color and drop like it's crying
It's autumn at the park, it's autumn in my heart
Everything is too gloomy like my day in moaning

Spring is just too flowery
I almost think we are in heaven
But my nose is running as much as the rain is pouring
that wet my sneakers and my fancy muffler
Wakes me up from my dream just to make me remember
How i hate spring, autumn and summer

Oh, i really miss winter
Yes, it's cold and it's snow
Makes you wear four layers and more
But there is something about that weather
Makes me feel alive and full with power
There is something about winter
That other season cannot be compare
My heart is warm in a freezing day
Like a candle light in the darkest night
Like a hot coffee to start my day
And that heater that warm me through the night.

Thinking back,
I don't hate spring, autumn and summer
I only miss winter 
every single day since winter is over

N. Hida


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