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Cebu day 2 (Cebuano and us)

Everyone is talkative!
Yeah, before i start to talk about the exciting part; canyon-ing, let me just write about something that might be less attractive, but interesting to my point of view. I realize, not only To To and Jeanie are talkative here. Everyone here is talkative and friendly! I cannot passing through anyone without a 'good morning' greet. Its kinda hard for us in the beginning since we both are some kind of introvert. But we learn quick to just greet everyone we met and smile and be friendly. I took some effort to talk about something to start a conversation like a weather for example. It turn out great, i guess, since we received a good response and honest smiled from them.

We blend very well.
Well, not in socializing maybe, but in our look. Since we came here, we always mistakenly thought by the local as a cebuano or a filipino. People passing by and talk filipino with us. Then we have to mention we do not understand filipino and they say sorry and speak english t…

Cebu day 2 (Moalboal sunrise and the walk)

The sunrise and the walk
Since we arrived here in Tipolo quite late yesterday, its already dark, i didn't saw anything that look fastinating except Jeanie, my balcony and my bed. So i woke up really early today to catch the sunrise. I woke up at 4 am in the morning and wrote my first travelog, "1st day in cebu". Sunrise here is around 5.20am. And before you know it, the surrounding changed. It's heavenly beautiful and peaceful. Its like in a movie scene or picture perfect in a calendar or in a Microsoft window wallpaper. After watching the sunrise, we took a walk at the beach. There are no sand here in Panagsama. Only stones and coral stone on a beach. The water is so shallow i can even saw a starfish, sea urchin and crab in a water around my knee high. The water is crystal clear, even the smallest fish can be seen from above. Oh i am so in love with this place already!

We decided to walk along the ally toward white beach to find a convenience store to buy some bread…

Cebu day 1 (Jeanie)

Jeanie is talkative too!
Now we met Jeanie. Another talkative Filipinos or they call them self cebuano (its mean the local Cebu people). Jeanie showed us our room, brief us about the room and surrounding and later she gave advice and tips to go around the area and before you know it, she talk and talk and talk like never end. I was like... "The hell... When she gonna stop...". Don't get me wrong, the info she told us are all very useful and she is very kind and friendly to told us all those tips and info too. But with my condition, after four hours turbulence, and another three and a half hours car sickness, all i wanted to do was take a shower and collecting myself back together again. Not forget to mention i was also felt very hungry. To have a long conversation and concentration was the last thing i wanted to do now. So i end up nodded, smiled, and "aaaaah" and "oookeyyyy" again, and my mind definitely not there! Sorry about that!

Cebu day 1 ( Mactan to Moalboal)

Mactan to Moalboal. 
To To told us the road to Moalboal complete with the name of all cities we will passing through. But believe me, i don't remember any of those name except Mactan, Cebu city, and Moalboal. I was too tired to concentrate about all that fact. And to make it worse, the three and a half hours drive ride from Mactan to Moalboal is really is a pain in the ass. Mactan to Moalboal is only 150km but it took THREE hours++ to reach. Why? The bad traffic in most cities we encountered, the road construction, and the winding road that feels like never end. When we drove inside cities, all i saw was people, jeepney, bad traffic, tricycle, and construction. First you got excited, but when you saw the same thing like 10 times over and over again, you get sick of it. Its frustrated. The car keep braking to avoid the slow jeepney and tricycle, not to mention have to make a sudden takeover on lorry and buses. This make me feel dizzy. Oh, i am really not good in long hour car drive.…

Cebu day 1 (The Arrival)

The arrival
We arrived at Cebu Mactan International Airport at 2.20pm. The flight was not smooth but i already expected that since the weather right now is really unexpected. We met a person who hold a paper with my name at the waiting area outside the airport. We met a driver named To To. I booked an airport transfer from Tipolo Beach Resort; a resort where i will stay in Moalboal for 2 days. To To is a very nice man and talkative too. He talk about a lot of things from how Ferdinand Mageland (he said Mageland's real name was Fernando Mageliandis (or something like that) because he is spaniard. He told us about Lapu Lapu history. He talked about how philipines was under the portugal/spanish for more than 400 years and later under US for 40+ years. He talked about how Philippines ask for an independence from US. That's what created the Philippines we see now. A married culture of malay (he said they all was once a malay) and spaniard and later under the US territory for 40+ ye…

Cebu day 1 (Dinner and great plan)

The first dinner
Lesson learnt. Never ever order 2 serving meal here, it HUGE! I came to the restaurant starving so everything sound delicious except pork and meat. Vegetarian options are huge too! So i ordered arabiata pasta. Its written there its spicy, so i was hoping a real spicy kick like a food in thailand, or in melaka. Oh boy i was wrong. I don't even know if there's a chilli on it. But apart from that, the pasta is nice. But its too huge for my serving. My brother ordered fish curry with pineapple and to complement with this dish, he order a plate of rice. Another huge meal. The fish is for 2 serving (well, for us at least). So next time, just order 1 serving meal. We plan to try out their famous traditional fire oven bake pizza tomorrow. 
After dinner, we went to planet action adventure counter and manage to secure a canyoning session for tomorrow. Its only 2 of us, with a guide and instructor. It's gonna be fun!!!

A great poem by Imam As-Syafie about travel.

"Leave your country in search of loftiness,
And travel! For in travel there are 5 benefits:
Relief of adversity and earning of livelihood,
And knowledge and etiquettes and noble companionship.
If it is said that travelling brings humiliation and difficulty,
And long journeys across deserts and toil and trouble.
Then death is better for a person than him remaining,
In a humiliating land between traitors and enviers."