Cebu day 1 (Dinner and great plan)

The first dinner

Lesson learnt. Never ever order 2 serving meal here, it HUGE! I came to the restaurant starving so everything sound delicious except pork and meat. Vegetarian options are huge too! So i ordered arabiata pasta. Its written there its spicy, so i was hoping a real spicy kick like a food in thailand, or in melaka. Oh boy i was wrong. I don't even know if there's a chilli on it. But apart from that, the pasta is nice. But its too huge for my serving. My brother ordered fish curry with pineapple and to complement with this dish, he order a plate of rice. Another huge meal. The fish is for 2 serving (well, for us at least). So next time, just order 1 serving meal. We plan to try out their famous traditional fire oven bake pizza tomorrow. 

After dinner, we went to planet action adventure counter and manage to secure a canyoning session for tomorrow. Its only 2 of us, with a guide and instructor. It's gonna be fun!!!

Great plan for a next day

Tomorrow we will do canyoning. Oh i am excited already! Oh btw, the weather here is perfect. One tips i wanna share, don't trust the weather forecast completely. The rain shower and thunderstorm here is really unexpected. You cannot guess when they are coming. For whole 16 hours till i wrote this, i never saw a single rain yet even the forecasted said its gonna be a thunderstorm last night. ( let's hope no rain at all for another 4 days ya!) 

Ready to "get high in Cebu"

N. Hida
21st Oct 2014


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