Cebu day 1 (Jeanie)

Jeanie is talkative too!

Now we met Jeanie. Another talkative Filipinos or they call them self cebuano (its mean the local Cebu people). Jeanie showed us our room, brief us about the room and surrounding and later she gave advice and tips to go around the area and before you know it, she talk and talk and talk like never end. I was like... "The hell... When she gonna stop...". Don't get me wrong, the info she told us are all very useful and she is very kind and friendly to told us all those tips and info too. But with my condition, after four hours turbulence, and another three and a half hours car sickness, all i wanted to do was take a shower and collecting myself back together again. Not forget to mention i was also felt very hungry. To have a long conversation and concentration was the last thing i wanted to do now. So i end up nodded, smiled, and "aaaaah" and "oookeyyyy" again, and my mind definitely not there! Sorry about that!

N. Hida
21st Oct 2014

 Our balcony; Tipolo Beach Resort, Panagsama Beach, Moalboal.


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