Cebu day 1 ( Mactan to Moalboal)

Mactan to Moalboal. 

To To told us the road to Moalboal complete with the name of all cities we will passing through. But believe me, i don't remember any of those name except Mactan, Cebu city, and Moalboal. I was too tired to concentrate about all that fact. And to make it worse, the three and a half hours drive ride from Mactan to Moalboal is really is a pain in the ass. Mactan to Moalboal is only 150km but it took THREE hours++ to reach. Why? The bad traffic in most cities we encountered, the road construction, and the winding road that feels like never end. When we drove inside cities, all i saw was people, jeepney, bad traffic, tricycle, and construction. First you got excited, but when you saw the same thing like 10 times over and over again, you get sick of it. Its frustrated. The car keep braking to avoid the slow jeepney and tricycle, not to mention have to make a sudden takeover on lorry and buses. This make me feel dizzy. Oh, i am really not good in long hour car drive. I had this car sickness since i was a kid, and its never go away from me. So this is the baddest and the worse experience in my life. 

After we passover all the cities area, we reached the rural area. I though its gonna be peaceful and empty road. I was wrong. I don't know where those people came from. They are so many of them. They have a huge population and they are everywhere! Its a winding road, like bukit putus times five and there are people and tricycle everywhere! So another half of the journey was the worse in this day. I almost puke and i was trying hard to control myself. I changed my position like 100 ways at the back of the car just to make me feel better and to reduce the car sickness i had. My head keep praying "cepat la sampai ya allah... Cepat la sampai ya allah". 

At 5.30, its already dark. Its like 7.30 in Malaysia. And before we know it, the whole surrounding turns to dark. A pitch black dark kinda like. Here they have no road light. So it really is pitch black. Its scary and it feels like midnight. When To To woke us up with his voice told us we reached moalboal city, i thought its already midnight. But when i look at my watch, its just 7pm. So from Moalboal city, it took like another 10 minutes for us to reach Tipolo Beach Resort. This is the moment when i really understand the feeling of relief. 

N. Hida
21st Oct 2014


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