Cebu day 2 (Cebuano and us)

Everyone is talkative!

Yeah, before i start to talk about the exciting part; canyon-ing, let me just write about something that might be less attractive, but interesting to my point of view. I realize, not only To To and Jeanie are talkative here. Everyone here is talkative and friendly! I cannot passing through anyone without a 'good morning' greet. Its kinda hard for us in the beginning since we both are some kind of introvert. But we learn quick to just greet everyone we met and smile and be friendly. I took some effort to talk about something to start a conversation like a weather for example. It turn out great, i guess, since we received a good response and honest smiled from them.

We blend very well.

Well, not in socializing maybe, but in our look. Since we came here, we always mistakenly thought by the local as a cebuano or a filipino. People passing by and talk filipino with us. Then we have to mention we do not understand filipino and they say sorry and speak english to us later. Locals came to us selling sticky rice, greet us in tagalog, or even asking us question like we are a local cebuano! When it happen one time or two, maybe its not a big deal. But when its happen ALL THE TIME, we quite sure we do really look like local!! Next time, we make sure we learn tagalog first before we come back.  At least a simple phrases to respond!

N. Hida
Moalboal, Cebu

Hmmmm... Look like cebuano enough? I bet yes.. Haha!


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