Cebu day 2 (Moalboal sunrise and the walk)

The sunrise and the walk

Since we arrived here in Tipolo quite late yesterday, its already dark, i didn't saw anything that look fastinating except Jeanie, my balcony and my bed. So i woke up really early today to catch the sunrise. I woke up at 4 am in the morning and wrote my first travelog, "1st day in cebu". Sunrise here is around 5.20am. And before you know it, the surrounding changed. It's heavenly beautiful and peaceful. Its like in a movie scene or picture perfect in a calendar or in a Microsoft window wallpaper. After watching the sunrise, we took a walk at the beach. There are no sand here in Panagsama. Only stones and coral stone on a beach. The water is so shallow i can even saw a starfish, sea urchin and crab in a water around my knee high. The water is crystal clear, even the smallest fish can be seen from above. Oh i am so in love with this place already!

We decided to walk along the ally toward white beach to find a convenience store to buy some bread but we end up having a breakfast at one of the coffee shop since we found out that there's no shop
selling a bread here. Infact, the coffee only cost us 26 pesos. That is less than a dollar. We ordered normal breakfast set which cost us 100 pesos. We got a big mug of brewed coffee (coffee was unlimited refill by the way), a toast with jam and butter, and a fresh mango juice. We ordered just one serving and share it. Yup, we learn the lesson. 

Now i am sitting outside my humble and cozy room facing the sea view writing this travelog and get ready for our next activity. Montanezza fall, here we come.

N. Hida

Morning view of the house beach and sea beside our room at Tipolo Beach Resort

Panoramic view of Panagsama beach

We had our breakfast here

...and look what we found while wandering around the ally 


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