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Cebu day 4 (A piece of my heart left in a piece of heaven)

3 hours bus ride 
From Oslob to Cebu city. Its only cost us 144 peso per person. The 1st 15 minutes i enjoyed the scenic view of the ocean until my head start spinning again and i don't know when i felt asleep. I woke up an hour and a half later and the view was changed. Crowded city with heavy traffic. Gosh! That moment, i felt like my head was hit by a truck. I felt something was left behind. I felt the pain in my chest like i was stabbed multiple times.
At that moment, i already miss the waterfall and the crystal sea water in Moalboal.
I already miss the whale shark in Oslob.
I already miss my humble room beside the beach in Panagsama.
I already miss the white dog who sleep in our room's balcony at Tipolo.
I already miss the long trekking.
I miss all the nice people i met in Moalboal.
I miss the tiring hiking moment.
I miss the cliff jumping.
I miss the adrenaline rush when i did canyoning.
I miss everything that i left behind as the bus drive away to Cebu leaving Oslob.

Cebu day 4 (Seasick)

(I am terribly sorry for a huge delay on this post. Too much assignment, too many presentation and too many groups to attend. A month has passed, yet Cebu travelog is way far to meet the end)

This morning i woke up around 4 and had a cup of instant coffee which i vomit few minutes later due to lactose intolerance. So basically, my tummy was empty. I went to the Whale Shark centre with empty tummy without knowing the consequences. After the whale shark session over, i felt dizzy and spinning. We straight enter the vehicle and move to Tumalog Falls. I already felt like vomiting inside the van. When we reach Tumalog, the guy offer a motorcycle to take us to the falls but we refuse and chose to walk. I really need a space and air. It doesn't took long before i vomit and vomit and vomit. Nothing cames out, only water and saliva and a lot of form like  thing which i don't know what. I felt much better after few time vomiting and manage to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Tumalo…

Cebu day 3 (i am touched!)

My heart touched by the filipino. 
When we reached Bato, we were suppose to take another bus to oslob. From my reading, we should take another yellow bus with a sign "Cebu" on it. The bus attendant was trying hard to help us to get the right bus. The locals here are amazing! They were all very informative and helpful. Even some of them are not very good in english, (yes, i did met some cebuano who cannot speak in english) they tried hard helping us, showed everyone the address that we brought so that the bus can drop us at the right place. I was touched with them! 
In a bus, the bus attendant asked another passenger the address that we brought. He even sat at the front looking and searching for a signboard of "Malonzo Pension House" for us. I felt save in a bus although i cannot resist from keep looking at the windows in worried. 
And there was one man, tanned skin, red hair, big body. He don't speak english. You may mistaken him as a bad guy if you simply jud…

Cebu day 3 (A trip from Moalboal to Oslob)

Moalboal to Oslob
The tricycle guy took us from Tipolo beach resort at 11.45 and bring us to Kawasan falls, which, if i'm not mistaken located in Allegria. So we spend about 2 hours in Kawasan Falls before taking a yellow bus to Bato. The bus ticket cost us 50 peso per person. Its a non conditioning bus but good enough since the seating is comfy and the windows are open. So we got a fresh air and a scenic view along the way. 
We reach Bato about 1.5 hours later when the bus reached his final point, which is Bato bus terminal. From Bato, we took another yellow bus with a sign "Cebu" to Oslob. Since this one is an air-conditioning bus, the ticket is a little bit higher. It cost us 40 peso per person from Bato to Malonzo Pension House, which is located at San Jose street Poblacion. Last time i checked in tripadvisor forum, it will only cost you 20 peso from Bato to Oslob by regular bus. But its okey anyway. We got air conditioning bus complete with movie, and a nice, friend…

Cebu day 3 (haggling at Kawasan falls)

Haggling guide at Kawasan
Apart from a scenic view in Kawasan Falls, and a fantastic bamboo rafting below the waterfall, the guides here are quite pushy. Be firm and polite at the same time to said no to all of the guides was never work out successfully. One of the guide follow us until the entrance counter. For entrance, we need to pay 10 peso per person. I finally asked my brother to said no to him in a more firm way since i found the situation was a bit awkward and uncomfortable for us. We don't need a guide to walk. Its an easy road by the way. But when he walk faster leaving us after my brother confront, i felt sorry and worried at the same time. I felt sorry because when i think back, he only asked for a 50 peso per person. That is equal to 100 peso which is less than 3AUD. I felt like i was so rude. I also felt worried because i am afraid he may hold a grudge on us. And i don't want to feel more awkward when we meet him again up there at the waterfall. 
Well, of course…

Cebu day 3 (Tricycle dealing)

Tricycle dealing
While we finish our coffee at Panagsama beach this morning, we were approached by a cute guy offering his service, a ride to Kawasan Falls. He ask politely and he look cute so i took my time dealing with him. He start his offer 600 peso from Panagsama to Kawasan, which i think is too high. So i ask for 400 peso but he said no. His last offer was 500 peso. I read from some forum that we can actually get around 350 peso to Kawasan but only if you can get a deal with older tricycle rider. I asked him about his rate to white beach and he start with 400 peso. I asked for a discount and he gave me 300 and it is final. So i agreed and we went straight away. The deal was a return ride from Panagsama to white beach and return back. He will wait for 2 hours in white beach for us to do our activity there. 
We done swimming about an hour later and get back to the tricycle. On the way back, the tricycle guy offer a ride to Kawasan for 500 peso but i politely reject the offer beca…

Cebu day 3 (the german guy)

The german guy
I don't remember he told his name, but my brother said he did. I don't know his name. And i don't think i need to mention that he is talkative too because, like i told before, everyone here is talkative. So, the german guy is the owner of Tipolo Beach Resort, a place we stay in Moalboal for 2 nights. Yesterday, he followed us to Montanezza falls. I thought he gonna join the canyon-ing but he was not. He is actually installing those safety hook ( i don't know the name of that thing) on a rock as the rope need to be tighten on that thing. The last one that was installed was flooded with water after a last heavy rain like few weeks ago. So he need to installed the new one that would be higher than the water level, and visible to the eyes. Its on the last waterfall we went down. 30 meters high hanging in the sky and slowly went down using a rope. So the rope is tighten on that metal thing that the german guy installed on the rock. Since he just installed th…

Cebu day 3 (the plan)

The plan
I called today as a hop in hop off day. We want to go to the white beach, Kawasan Falls, and straight to Oslob. I did a research about the public transportation from moalboal to oslob complete with the budget we should expect. I also listed down a bus and the connecting cities. I wrote it all down in my travel planner. But a careless me left the planner in Malaysia. Who the hell gonna use those info back there? Sigh.  Very well. Now we have to start over. So the plan is, to meet the german guy, which is the owner of this resort, and ask for a direction, which bus to pick, where to stop, and which bus to continue. And hopefully, we will reach Oslob without getting lost. Yes. Thats the plan. 

(we did not found the german guy that morning. End up we asked the tricycle rider on how to get to Oslob from Kawasan falls. We ride a tricycle to Kawasan fall by the way)

Cebu day 2 (canyon-ing... What?)

Canyon-ing... What?
Canyoning. I never heard this word before. So i was curious. This is one of many extreme adventure package that was arranged by planet action adventure here in Moalboal. Only in Moalboal you get this. So what is "canyoning"? It actually come from the base word "canyon", and since we gonna have to do something at the canyon, they call it canyon-ing. So what do we do when we canyoning, actually? Seriously i was curious before. The word "adrenaline rush" on a pamphlet really caught my attention. So we sign up. 
I was very nervous since i sign up. I was nervous whenever i think about it. The feeling is a combination of nervous and excited at the same time. So we proceed anyway. There's no way to turn back. We start around 9 and after some quick shopping for the food for BBQ-lunch, we had an hour drive from Panagsama beach to Montanezza fall. 
Upon arriving, immediately we were equipped with harness, carabiner, safely jacket, and safely…