Cebu day 2 (canyon-ing... What?)

Canyon-ing... What?

Canyoning. I never heard this word before. So i was curious. This is one of many extreme adventure package that was arranged by planet action adventure here in Moalboal. Only in Moalboal you get this. So what is "canyoning"? It actually come from the base word "canyon", and since we gonna have to do something at the canyon, they call it canyon-ing. So what do we do when we canyoning, actually? Seriously i was curious before. The word "adrenaline rush" on a pamphlet really caught my attention. So we sign up. 

I was very nervous since i sign up. I was nervous whenever i think about it. The feeling is a combination of nervous and excited at the same time. So we proceed anyway. There's no way to turn back. We start around 9 and after some quick shopping for the food for BBQ-lunch, we had an hour drive from Panagsama beach to Montanezza fall. 

Upon arriving, immediately we were equipped with harness, carabiner, safely jacket, and safely helmet. Then, a long 60 degree inclining walk and hiking until we reach a place that have many coconut tree around it. Took about an hour to reach there. And we began practicing (they called it introductory lesson) using the rope and carabiner and the safety hook and the figure of 8. It was a short practice, i don't even know if i can really do it! So my nervousness came back. But of course, i keep going on. We continue our walk and we reach the waterfall.

The first waterfall was terrifying. So this is the first time i have to implement what i learn from 10 minutes lesson (or maybe less) before. The hell! And not just to grip and release the rope, we have to jump from left to right to cross over the strong current of the waterfall! Again, THE HELL!!! Oh i succeeded anyway. In style perhaps. Good enough for the first timer, isn't it? 

Just before i thought that was the most terrifying moment, here comes another, and another, and another!! The instructor said the first waterfall is hard and its gonna be easier when we go down. Another hell no! Just before i can enjoy my small success, here comes another waterfall, more slippery, more steep, and stronger current. And then another waterfall comes after another. I can't even catch my normal breath! It really was an adrenaline rush!

There was a time (3 times if i am not mistaken) we have to jump over from the top of the waterfall down to the bottom and fall in a deep water. I was like, "WHAATTTTTTT????!!!!! Like seriously????" But yeah, i jumped anyway. I don't want to be called a chicken and regret for the rest of my life. The highest waterfall that we jump was about 5 meters or more. Until now, i can't even believe i did that! 

And the last waterfall was wonderful. Its so high and there are no stonewall to step our feet after 5 meters down, so we have to hanging in the rope up above and go down. This is the moment when my nervous strike and i got panic attack. To make it worse, it happen when i was hanging in the middle of the rope, 25 meters above the ground. I can't even move my hand. I was stuck up there and i panicked so i felt like giving up. I stop there not moving, only turning left and right and looking up and down. But when you are hanging 25 meters in the sky and you look cool from down there, and what you have in you is a complete set of harness, carabiner, figure of 8, safety hook and whats not, and you have the rope perfectly placed in your hand, no one think you are in problem. They think you are enjoying the moment! Yeah, they are so damn right!!! I realized no one was gonna bring me down except my self. So i catches my deep breath, focus, and keep go on and on and on. And i did it fast, really fast. I want it to end. I want to touch the ground. That's all i was thinking. So yeah, i am now can proudly say that I'd been here and done that!

There are few moment, be it before i jump from the top of the waterfall, or when the instructor tighten the rope at my carabiner before i go down the steep wall, or even when i was hanging 25 meters above the sky, i was saying to myself, "why the hell did i sign up for this?" But you know what? You never knew if you never try it.
I never knew that i will get panic with high.
And i never knew that i can fight my fear and overcome my panic and complete the task.
I never knew that i can challenge myself to that extend and i succeeded.
I never knew how's that feel to jump from the cliff to the deep pool of waterfall if i never jump.
I never knew if i never try.

So, sometimes we may have some regret in the middle of our way and we began questioning a decision we made, but it doesn't always mean we are choosing the wrong option. We just have to keep moving and challenge our self beyond our comfort zone. The satisfaction you feel when you finish it is incredibly indescribable. It's extraordinary. 

You must try it to experience it.

N. Hida
Moalboal, Cebu. 2014

Unfortunately, I don't take a picture while canyoning but we did record the moment and i compiled it to a short 5 minutes video. So i hope you guys can enjoy the video.

Enjoy the video ya~

for the link =====>>

.....and the video is down here (if you don't have the flash player, you cannot play this video here. You need to click to the link above to forward you to youtube page) ===>>

Here is the glimpse of the german guy, who is the owner of Tipolo as well as Planet Action Adventure

 proudly can say i'd been there and done that!

The barbeque after the canyoning. Sorry no pork no meat no chicken!! haha~ 
how considerate they are

The hot spring after the canyoning. How relaxing!!


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