Cebu day 3 (the german guy)

The german guy

I don't remember he told his name, but my brother said he did. I don't know his name. And i don't think i need to mention that he is talkative too because, like i told before, everyone here is talkative. So, the german guy is the owner of Tipolo Beach Resort, a place we stay in Moalboal for 2 nights. Yesterday, he followed us to Montanezza falls. I thought he gonna join the canyon-ing but he was not. He is actually installing those safety hook ( i don't know the name of that thing) on a rock as the rope need to be tighten on that thing. The last one that was installed was flooded with water after a last heavy rain like few weeks ago. So he need to installed the new one that would be higher than the water level, and visible to the eyes. Its on the last waterfall we went down. 30 meters high hanging in the sky and slowly went down using a rope. So the rope is tighten on that metal thing that the german guy installed on the rock. Since he just installed that, we are the guinea pig. A new hook need to be tested, and we are there doing the canyon-ing. A perfect rat lab. Oh well, we lives by the way, which mean, the metal hook is strong enough. 

Now back to the german guy. He said he left German and lives in Cebu for 20+ years. He married to the local, thats why he moved here. He never plan to stay in Cebu. When i asked, is he prefer the sun rather than snow, he said no. He don't really love the weather and climate here. But he stay anyway because his wife is here. I think he missed German and snow. 

Back from canyon-ing, suddenly my brain work out. I think, maybe, the german guy's wife is Jeanie. I don't know, but it make sense. Just a gossip anyway.

N. Hida
Moalboal, Cebu

(i did showed to you guy a glimpse of the "german guy" before. Please refer to previous previous post IF you like to see him. happy browsing!)


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