Cebu day 3 (haggling at Kawasan falls)

Haggling guide at Kawasan

Apart from a scenic view in Kawasan Falls, and a fantastic bamboo rafting below the waterfall, the guides here are quite pushy. Be firm and polite at the same time to said no to all of the guides was never work out successfully. One of the guide follow us until the entrance counter. For entrance, we need to pay 10 peso per person. I finally asked my brother to said no to him in a more firm way since i found the situation was a bit awkward and uncomfortable for us. We don't need a guide to walk. Its an easy road by the way. But when he walk faster leaving us after my brother confront, i felt sorry and worried at the same time. I felt sorry because when i think back, he only asked for a 50 peso per person. That is equal to 100 peso which is less than 3AUD. I felt like i was so rude. I also felt worried because i am afraid he may hold a grudge on us. And i don't want to feel more awkward when we meet him again up there at the waterfall. 

Well, of course we met him again at the waterfall. Apparently, he is a raft puller too and he looks
happy. So i was relief. He was a good raft puller and guide actually. We spend a long time under the waterfall recording our action and moment. He know how to make worth every second during the rafting session. And he and his uncle was helping us recording every moment we had under the waterfall too! I paid him 300 peso for all that and i have nothing to complain. It may sound a bit high but i think the experience we had is just too amazing compares with the money we spend. He did a great job, no need to bargain for that.

N. Hida
Oslob, Cebu

We need to walk deeper, crossing the local villages, water bank, and hydro electric dam to reach the waterfall

so, this is the 1st layer of the Kawasan Falls. Kawasan have 3 layers waterfall by the way...


You can do canyoning at Kawasan falls to. And a trekking upward to the second and third layers is said to be worthwhile. We didn't climb up by the way. We spend about 2 hours swimming and rafting here. The rafting cost was 300php + the raft puller tips another 300php. Its a worth to try too. They took us below the waterfall and spend enough time for us to enjoy the scenery, swimming and taking picture. Entrance fee to enter Kawasan is 10php. Table, which ridiculously need to be rent, cost us another 300php. We still rent it anyway because we need to put our belonging.

As a conclusion, Kawasan fall is indeed, an overprice and leech-sucking-hagglers spot in Cebu as its famous for tourist, but it still worthwhile to visit as the waterfalls is beautiful with unbelievably amazing turquoise water. You have to see it yourself to believe it. You just need a very good negotiation skills and a polite manners to said no.


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