Cebu day 3 (i am touched!)

My heart touched by the filipino. 

When we reached Bato, we were suppose to take another bus to oslob. From my reading, we should take another yellow bus with a sign "Cebu" on it. The bus attendant was trying hard to help us to get the right bus. The locals here are amazing! They were all very informative and helpful. Even some of them are not very good in english, (yes, i did met some cebuano who cannot speak in english) they tried hard helping us, showed everyone the address that we brought so that the bus can drop us at the right place. I was touched with them! 

In a bus, the bus attendant asked another passenger the address that we brought. He even sat at the front looking and searching for a signboard of "Malonzo Pension House" for us. I felt save in a bus although i cannot resist from keep looking at the windows in worried. 

And there was one man, tanned skin, red hair, big body. He don't speak english. You may mistaken him as a bad guy if you simply judge him from his look. He speak tagalog all the times, but he tried very hard to give us direction. He said something to me, quite long but i don't understand any of it.
It seem like he knew where Malonzo Pension House is. He took the same bus with us and he asked the bus to stop at one small town and asked us to went down too. So we followed him. He asked the locals about the Malonzo and later he showed us the way up to the Malonzo's front door. And for all this effort, he just left with a smile and he made a good sign with his finger! A million thanks that i said to him was never enough to compensate his effort. I am really touched with his act.

Kindness and goodness exist in people no matter what color you are, what races you are, or even what religion you are. You are a good person when you have a good heart. And a good heart is not suppose to misjudge by a physical appearances.

N. Hida
Oslob, Cebu


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