Cebu day 3 (the plan)

The plan

I called today as a hop in hop off day. We want to go to the white beach, Kawasan Falls, and straight to Oslob. I did a research about the public transportation from moalboal to oslob complete with the budget we should expect. I also listed down a bus and the connecting cities. I wrote it all down in my travel planner. But a careless me left the planner in Malaysia. Who the hell gonna use those info back there? Sigh.  Very well. Now we have to start over. So the plan is, to meet the german guy, which is the owner of this resort, and ask for a direction, which bus to pick, where to stop, and which bus to continue. And hopefully, we will reach Oslob without getting lost. Yes. Thats the plan. 

(we did not found the german guy that morning. End up we asked the tricycle rider on how to get to Oslob from Kawasan falls. We ride a tricycle to Kawasan fall by the way)

N. Hida
Moalboal, Cebu

It's a sentimental day for me actually, because i had to say good bye to the resort....

our cozy room....

 the sunrise at Panagsama....

and a gorgeous and tempting beach of Panagsama behind the resort

...but look forward, the whale shark in Oslob are waiting for us. 
Can't wait!


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