Cebu day 3 (Tricycle dealing)

Tricycle dealing

While we finish our coffee at Panagsama beach this morning, we were approached by a cute guy offering his service, a ride to Kawasan Falls. He ask politely and he look cute so i took my time dealing with him. He start his offer 600 peso from Panagsama to Kawasan, which i think is too high. So i ask for 400 peso but he said no. His last offer was 500 peso. I read from some forum that we can actually get around 350 peso to Kawasan but only if you can get a deal with older tricycle rider. I asked him about his rate to white beach and he start with 400 peso. I asked for a discount and he gave me 300 and it is final. So i agreed and we went straight away. The deal was a return ride from Panagsama to white beach and return back. He will wait for 2 hours in white beach for us to do our activity there. 

We done swimming about an hour later and get back to the tricycle. On the way back, the tricycle guy offer a ride to Kawasan for 500 peso but i politely reject the offer because we don't need a return trip to Kawasan. I asked him if he can do one way trip. He took time to think about it but later agree with 400 peso. I know the price is a bit high. We can save more of we choose a bus but its okey. Sometimes we don't have to be too greedy in a place like this. They are not going to build a second mansion here. They are just trying to feed the family.

N. Hida
Panagsama Beach, Moalboal

 The White Beach. Worth to go.

the tricycle.
Worth to try

ops.. sorry. no picture of the cute rider!


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