Cebu day 3 (A trip from Moalboal to Oslob)

Moalboal to Oslob

The tricycle guy took us from Tipolo beach resort at 11.45 and bring us to Kawasan falls, which, if i'm not mistaken located in Allegria. So we spend about 2 hours in Kawasan Falls before taking a yellow bus to Bato. The bus ticket cost us 50 peso per person. Its a non conditioning bus but good enough since the seating is comfy and the windows are open. So we got a fresh air and a scenic view along the way. 

We reach Bato about 1.5 hours later when the bus reached his final point, which is Bato bus terminal. From Bato, we took another yellow bus with a sign "Cebu" to Oslob. Since this one is an air-conditioning bus, the ticket is a little bit higher. It cost us 40 peso per person from Bato to Malonzo Pension House, which is located at San Jose street Poblacion. Last time i checked in tripadvisor forum, it will only cost you 20 peso from Bato to Oslob by regular bus. But its okey anyway. We got air conditioning bus complete with movie, and a nice, friendly and helpful filipinos along the way. What should i complain?

The first rain

So today i watched a rain fall at Oslob. 3 days and 2 night in Moalboal, the weather was perfect. Around 6 pm today in Oslob, we finally saw a rain fall. It's heavy but its only last less than 5 minutes. The weather back to normal again after that. What a unique and unexpected nature. Tomorrow we will go swimming with the whale shark. Just like a night before canyoning yesterday, i was excited and nervous at the same time. So today i feel the same too. Now let me finish my last sentence and i need a very good sleep to rest as we need to go to the whale shark point before 7 tomorrow.

 N. Hida
Oslob, Cebu

A night in Oslob. An array of stall selling BBQ pork n chicken.

We stayed here, at Malonzo Pension House. Cozy and recommended

The cheapest Sprite was in Oslob, at 10peso/ bottle. The same bottle cost us 25peso at Panagsama, Moalboal, and cost us 45peso at Cebu city,

My first rice dishes in Cebu. Plain rice + sweet n sour fish fillet. surprisingly delicious! (or maybe because i was starving to death!) But really, the rice was warm, which is comforting, and the fish was cook to perfection.  


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