Cebu day 4 (A piece of my heart left in a piece of heaven)

3 hours bus ride 

From Oslob to Cebu city. Its only cost us 144 peso per person. The 1st 15 minutes i enjoyed the scenic view of the ocean until my head start spinning again and i don't know when i felt asleep. I woke up an hour and a half later and the view was changed. Crowded city with heavy traffic. Gosh! That moment, i felt like my head was hit by a truck. I felt something was left behind. I felt the pain in my chest like i was stabbed multiple times.
At that moment, i already miss the waterfall and the crystal sea water in Moalboal.
I already miss the whale shark in Oslob.
I already miss my humble room beside the beach in Panagsama.
I already miss the white dog who sleep in our room's balcony at Tipolo.
I already miss the long trekking.
I miss all the nice people i met in Moalboal.
I miss the tiring hiking moment.
I miss the cliff jumping.
I miss the adrenaline rush when i did canyoning.
I miss everything that i left behind as the bus drive away to Cebu leaving Oslob.
Moalboal has taken a piece of my heart and now what i am bringing back are memories.

Heaven on earth

I can never pick any places that i can simply say its an heaven on earth. Not until i came to south Cebu. The crystal clear water, magnificent waterfall, incredible canyon, nice people, the hot spring, and stress free environment. Once you in, its hard for you to go out. Part of your heart stuck in here and you will leave this place with a memories that will make you wanna come back. I get it. I get it why the children here are not going to school. When you have a beautiful waterfall behind your house which you can simply jump anytime, and you have a crystal clear water in front of your house that you can swim whenever you want, who want to go to school? Who want to be in other place? Who want to get a better job? Who want to be rich?  Who the hell need to be rich with money when you are rich with time and freedom? You wanna stay there for the rest of your life. You don't wanna change anything about you and the place. Its perfect as it is. 

Just like living in heaven. Like your time stop. Forever.

N. Hida
Cebu City


Anonymous said…
Blogwalking sambil baca entri. :)

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