Cebu day 4 (Seasick)

(I am terribly sorry for a huge delay on this post. Too much assignment, too many presentation and too many groups to attend. A month has passed, yet Cebu travelog is way far to meet the end)


This morning i woke up around 4 and had a cup of instant coffee which i vomit few minutes later due to lactose intolerance. So basically, my tummy was empty. I went to the Whale Shark centre with empty tummy without knowing the consequences. After the whale shark session over, i felt dizzy and spinning. We straight enter the vehicle and move to Tumalog Falls. I already felt like vomiting inside the van. When we reach Tumalog, the guy offer a motorcycle to take us to the falls but we refuse and chose to walk. I really need a space and air. It doesn't took long before i vomit and vomit and vomit. Nothing cames out, only water and saliva and a lot of form like  thing which i don't know what. I felt much better after few time vomiting and manage to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Tumalog. Now i was in the room, packing up for our next destination which is Cebu city, i still feel the sea sick. I feel like the world is spinning around me and my body feel like moving like a waves. Oh no!! How will i survive the 3 hours bus ride from Oslob to Cebu after this???!!!

Whale shark was incredible, but...

It's not the whale shark that i am afraid of. They are so beautiful, magnificent and incredible creature. They are humongous and so gentle. I am not afraid of them. In fact, i was stunned looking at them in front of my eyes. But! There is a but that i probably will regret it for the rest of my life. I never get comfy with life jacket, especially with oversize life jacket. So the first 5 minutes, i was on the boat thinking weather i want to put on the jacket or to full it off. Then i proceed with the life jacket, which i regret till now. I should never put on the life jacket. I never be good with a life jacket. So the next 10 minutes i was swimming with the life jacket which i constantly trying to place it right on my body. I wanted to swim further down to the water but the jacket forbid me to do that. I cannot swim like usual. After few time struggling with the jacket, i finally decided to pull off the jacket and i am free. Pity me, its almost time out so i only manage to swim few minutes freely. Oh did i mention how i hate snorkeling gear? I am very much prefer to use my own goggle and swimming and free diving like what i usually do. I regret that i use the snorkeling gear.  I wish, oh i wish, next time i can do it all over again, WITHOUT the life jacket, WITHOUT the seasick, and ONLY WITH my goggle. That time, its only me, and the whale shark. See you again soon whale shark. I will come again.

But apart of all the mess, i still saw how beautiful, magnificent and incredible the whale shark is. They are humongous. I cannot believe that they are in front of me, swimming beside me gently without bring any mess. They are so huge yet so gentle. I began to realize how small human is but creates so much damage to the planet. It brings me to some stage where i feel responsible to protect this planet and all its creature. Swimming with whale shark bring me closer to the nature and its wonderful creature. And more than that, it bring me closer to the creator. How amazing god creates them all to us to understand our self. So it is our responsible to take care of it.

N. Hida
Oslob, Cebu

For a whale shark video, click here >>>>>>

or, you can see down here (flash required) >>>

For a video on Tumalog fall, you can go here >>>>>

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And now, the picture. (OMG picture overload!)

The whaleshark in Oslob. Must do.

A breathtaking Tumalog fall. Must go. 





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