A balances

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Most people summarized 2014 as a bad years for all Malaysian. And with all that expected to come in 2015, analyst forecasted that we are entering a difficult year. I believe that the world will always find a balance in everything. So i don't really see 2014 as a bad year. There are a good, the bad, and the ugly about 2014. If i sum up all that things, it form an equal-balance-life.

That is how i see life. When there is life, there will be dead. When there is development, there will be disaster. When there is profit, there will be loss. Nature will find its balance, like a night after a day, a spring after a winter, a sun after a rain. 

There is no point to hold in one moment when we have a chance to create thousand of moment afterward. We have no control over nature. Its in god's hand. But we can create and build an opportunity with whatever left with us. That's what make us human. We never give up. We will survive. 

2014 is past, 2015 is future.

The good. 
I saw many places and i met many good people. This year open up my heart and my eyes to a global world. I saw people like i never see them before. Many has touched my heart and i am planning to touch people heart in the next following years. I received many love from people this year and i want to give back my love to the world. I inspired by many travelers and good people, and i hope i can inspire other people too. Traveling has changed the way i think and the way i see things, and i hope i can spread all the positive things i got to many more people around me. Traveling changed my writing skill, and i hope that will inspire many youngster especially my own daughter. 

The bad
I cannot deny and hide the bad things about 2014. With all that happen by Malaysian (i guess i don't need to mention it anymore. It's in a finger tips of everyone) we can either be a stronger nation, or weaker nation. A strong nation doesn't build overnight. A Rome does not build in a day. Nation, together, strong. 

As for my family, the economy is not very good and it affected my family too. Debt increasing, revenue decreasing. Loan non-performed. Stress, indeed, happen. Tear, did fell. Heart, did broken. But family, together, strong. So my daughter and i will finally decide to move in to my husband, to start a new year as a complete family TOGETHER back in one roof. A new year, a new beginning. 

The ugly
Nature. No matter how bad it is, it will never turn out ugly. If we say nature is ugly, then we are reflecting the ugly to its creator. There is nothing ugly about creator's plan. Everything is happen for a reason, and everything is created for a purpose. We are exactly where god want us to be right now. There is nothing ugly about life, no matter how bad it is. 

Like i mentioned, life is balance. When there is good, there will be bad.  Despite how pessimism analyst forecast about next year, i believe nature will balance themselves. The bad things will be balance by good things. We just have to believe and never lose faith. 

Difficulty will come, and i will struggle. 
I will feel the pain, but i will never suffer. 
I will take the jump when the time comes, but i will not feel the fall.
When the water comes, i will build the wall. 

2015, i am ready. 

N. Hida

My grandma and my daughter. 
Get well soon grandma. I love you!


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