Cebu day 5 (homesick in my own home)

A step away from heaven

We reached Cebu city yesterday around 3pm local time and we dropped out from bus at Cebu central. Then we took a taxi to the hotel which cost us 61 peso but we paid 65 instead to ease the count. The hotel, names The Well Hotel is a metropolitan hotel with huge lobby with chandelier, a staff with uniform, touch screen elevator, automatic key card, huge flat screen LCD TV with 20 something cable TV channels, huge shower, and air-conditioned. The first 5 minutes i felt strange. Its a change in environment completely. I suddenly forget how to use elevator. For the first time ever i felt weird with the flat screen TV installed at the wall. This is the first time i never interested with TV channels. And no, i did not exaggerate this. That's exactly what i felt when i first enter to this hotel and our room. I remember when i booked this hotel through Agoda, i chose this hotel for its free wifi, free breakfast, and a flat screen TV with 20+ cable TV channels included. At THAT time, i thought having an HBO might be fun after 4 days without a TV. But now i don't even know if its necessary. I never saw a TV in 4 days and i am just fine. In fact, i was happier. 

Now lets talk about the bed. The all white color bed sheet looks strange to me. I don't feel the warm welcome from there. There are no "mabuhai" and cebuano feeling in there. Its just plain, just like any
hotel in the world which you cannot differentiate which of which. Its strange. I felt like a stranger. I felt like a foreigner. Don't get me wrong, the service was excellent, the room was very nice. But i feel like a visitor here. Unlike the last 4 days which i completely felt like a part of the family and being treated like one. This one is different. This one push me back to reality. A harsh and honest reality that shout 'you don't belong here'. 


I don't even know the feeling of homesick. I read somewhere, it mention; "Home is where our heart is". But as a traveler, i left pieces of my heart in so many places which i don't know where should i can really call home. Most of the time i feel more like home in a strange places. There is something about waking up in different bed at different places that make me feel alive. It keeps me going. The feeling when you woke up from sleep in the morning and 2 second later you realize that you are far far away is priceless. 

So i don't get homesick while i am abroad. I feel homesick when i am back. That's why i keep going, from one place to another, and another, and another. 

Next destination?

In a flight back to Kuala Lumpur, i browsed a travel magazine and i stumped on many interesting places like Cambodia, Darjeeling, and Kolkata. I took my ipad and open my bucket list. A long list that cover multiple cities, countries, mountains, islands, rivers, volcanoes, roads, trains, and treks. I don't know which one should i go next. Maybe i should buy a dart and start throw it to the map. How about a road trip at north island New Zealand? Or maybe outback Australia? Or perhaps trekking in Nepal to Everest base camp? Or maybe a trekking at Sapa valley? Or swimming with manta ray in Maldives? while i read all those list, i smiled and i put on another one; Toy Train to Darjeeling.

I was bitten by a travel bug and now i need to travel to find the cure.

Next destination?

a manta ray in Maldives.


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