In an emergency room

In an emergency room

In an emergency room, 
I see crowd
I see people
I see eyes

In an emergency room,
I see worried mom
I see loving son
I see sad granddaughter 

In an emergency room,
I see love exist

N. Hida

My grandma is currently in a hospital. She is awake now (thank god) but she no longer can move half of her body. Doctor confirmed a blood clot in her brain. We will try every possible option to make her wake up and walk again. My grandma is very old. She is 84 years old. But No matter how old she is, and no matter how hard she might behave, she IS MY GRANDMA. Looking at her lying in a bed with the tube really crush my heart. 

Oo Allah, please help me. Help my grandma. Please give me strength. 


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