Semester break is a make up time

Semester break is a make up time. 

During 4 month of every semester (including study week and exam week) i put my student hat on and i keep everything else in my drawer until semester end. I put assignments, lectures, tests, and quizzes first before everything, including family. I barely cook for family, i skip my daughter's concert, i don't read my favorite magazine, i don't read novel, i slept early before my husband when i have exam on the next morning, i stay up late, left my daughter to sleep alone when i have assignment to submit, i put my self and my study first in everything. And i put travel number 2. Yes, i am selfish, self centered, or what ever you want to call it. But it's just me.

So that's why during semester break, it's like a redemption time, a make up time for me to fix everything back to its place again. I try as much as i can to juggle with my responsibility as a mother, wife, traveler, friend, and as a human especially. I will spend my time with my daughter, make myself available to hear my husband story and "report", i cook for family, i do house chores, i wash clothes, i fold clothes, try to arrange all possible outing and holiday with family, sleep peacefully, read reader's digest day and night, read something that unrelated with course subject as much as i can, escape from hectic city as far as i can, escape from familiar face, travel and explore as deep as i can, and try to live my life to the fullest. 

And all this, i need to do it within this 2 month of semester break. For this semester break, i have the check list. It's consist of major things that i need to complete before new semester started. 

Right now, I have like 2 weeks before last semester result come out, and i still have like a month and a half before new semester started. I have few things on my list thats already on plan. For instance, i booked whitewater rafting session with my bro and friends for "adrenaline rush" thingy. I will spend 4 days in Maldives to snorkel and swim this March for the "snorkeling trip somewhere  in paradise island" point. I plan to make an overnight picnic with my husband and daughter in somewhere secluded place and that consist with barbecue and pillow fight all night long.  I plan to go swimming twice a week but that's not come to reality yet. But so far, that's what written in my planner for this next month and a half.

For the point that i had done, I already saved some new recipe to cook for family. I even started to cook for family every day since i move in Klang last January. I joined Tenby Parent coffee session last month and i met new friends. I spend my time every night checking my daughter's homework and i read her bedtime story whenever i can. I joined cat show last month and that gave me a chance to groom my cat nicely. I groom my cats twice a day during semester break. I read reader's digest, and i read good books.

During this semester break, i also take this chance to checked requirement for continuing study in uniMelb for master of finance and master of economics. I finally made up my mind on which course i wanna continue and roughly get the idea on what should i prepare to get in. Maybe next semester break i should provide that time to do the IELTS and GRE exam. And i really need to join next IDP edu fair to gather more info and submit application, maybe? 

Every semester have its own challenge and every semester is tough, on its own way. So before new semester start, we really need that fresh and readiness in our mind, body and soul. And 4 month of semester really is suppressive and energy consuming so we end up like a zombie at the end of every semester. 

2 month semester break is enough to recharge our soul and set the new goal, and ready for another full throttle. 

Ready. Set. Go. 

N. Hida Halim
Klang, Malaysia

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