I have a dream

I have a dream.

Dream and goal is not the same. Goal is something that you specifically aim to reach at specified time frame with measurable quality and critically planned strategy. Goal is like what i always pin-on at my vision board. Goal is getting 4.00 /5A+ for semester 6. Goal is finish my BBA with ANC title (anugerah naib chancellor) within 4 years. Goal is getting enroll at Unimelb on 2016 session for
my Master in Finance. Goal is bringing my daughter to snorkeling trip at Perhentian Island this August. Goal is anything that i aim in my life that is specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and targeted within time-frame. Goal is short-term basis. Goal is a fuel that drives you forward. 

Dream, on the other hand, is different. While goal is like a fuel, dream is like a floating cloud under the blue sky that indicate a beautiful day. Dream is what makes you wake up every morning with a strange energy that makes you believe today is gonna be better than yesterday. Dream is what you hold on when you fell. Dream is what make you different from the others. 

I have a dream but i never write it down. I always take my goal seriously and i dedicated to it but i never even try to write down my dream. I read somewhere that said, don't let your dreams linger in your head because your mind will always tricks you. Write it down so that you won't forget. Although dream always look cloudy, imaginary, superficial, ridiculous, unrealistic, fantasy, or even dreamy, its OK! Because that's what make a dream, a dream! The only way you can make it look and sound logic to you is by holding on it. The more you put detail on it, the more realistic it become. That's mean, you need to dream about it more! 

I have a dream. And today i want to write it down. I am no longer care what other may think about me. Just, not here, yet. 

N. Hida Halim
Keep on dreamin' 


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