Lombok; the introduction


Well, where should i start? Too many things to tell yet not many words to execute. I mean, not many words can appropriately describe everything about Lombok. Its people, places, beaches, lagoons, cape, hills, foods, the fiery sambal, the nasi bungkus, the hammock, the breeze, the sand, the sun, EVERYTHING! There is no better word can represent this whole experience other than "authentic Lombok". 

I rode a bike, i walked, i climbed, i hiked, i cycled, i swam, i did almost everything. From sand to mud, and straight to the sea, i explore the lower and higher ground. The Gilis and the mountains. My body aches, my legs cramp, my feet swell, my face burned, my brain expanded, and i am back with a wider perspective.

8 days. Too long for some, but too short to the others. 8 days were all we had. We spend 8 days and we try to explore Lombok as much as we can. We had no proper itinerary. We lived day by day trying to accomplish daily goal. Our goal, or perhaps i can say, my goal, was to ensure daily spending was within the budget. The rest was open ticket. We were flexible and ready for any plan. 

To conclude, we spend 2 nights at Kute, exploring the beaches around Lombok Tengah, than headed to Gili Trawangan and spend 3 nights at there. Our last stop was at Senggigi where we spend 2 nights. We traveled to Senaru for the waterfalls and went far to Lombok Timur for breathtaking panorama at Tanjung Ringgit. On the last day, we stop by at the local pottery and tenunan place to see the local craft and handmade.

All of these, i will try to write part by part, according to which part that i remember most. I will cover the highlight and the most memorable one. Maybe i can give some tips on it. (Maybe)

Many people come to me asking about itinerary and budget, something that i never write properly in my blog before. I hate to write about itinerary and budget. When i am about to write something about my travel, i prefer to share my journey and experience. I like to write something that is worth writing for, something that i most remembered, inspiring, eye opening, personal and intimate. Nothing like a plain and bland itinerary. 

However, i am fully understand how curious people are when they heard about our so called "long" trip at Lombok (for most Malaysians, more than 7 days trip is considered long. I notice that most of the shared Lombok itinerary on internet consist of 4 to 5 days only. So, yeah... 8 days fall under long vacation for Malaysian).

Still, i will not going to write about itinerary. Sorry! 

Anyway, if you are thinking about holiday, put Lombok in your consideration. The nature is breathtaking, the local foods are delicious, the people are friendly, and the cost is affordable. We only spend RM800 per person for our 8 days trip and that includes accomodation, food, and transportation. A lot cheaper than Bali! (And less crowded than Bali too)

So, Lombok that is.

p/s - keep following my Lombok post. I have like 6 to 7 post in draft waiting for the right time to publish!

         One of the many best image of Lombok. You will crave for more! 


        Me, buddy, and bike.

         Seger Beach, view from up the hill


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