my life resolutions.

    • Leave zero carbon footprint
    • Build an eco-friendly house that doesn't cost the earth
    • Live in river cottage, owned a farm
    • Put family first
    • Lazzulibleu cattery
    • Sustainable and eco-friendly life
    • Do purposeful work that is meaningful to me and society
    • Ongoing participation in volunteering work
    • Volunteering in foreign country
    • Be a vegetarian
    • Work stability
    • Move to Australia with my family


    • Open water swimming!
    • Swimming with manta ray
    • Menawan Gunung Kinabalu
    • Everest base camp, Nepal
    • Endau Rompin jungle trekking
    • Road trip NZ
    • Outback Australia
    • North India trip
    • Tasmania campervan trip
    • The Ghan 
    • Winter holiday @ mt baw baw (checked!!!)

    Future, present, and past goals

    • Hit 49kg again
    • Complete my master with high grade
    • Graduated as Unimelb student
    • Work with environmental-based non profit organization
    • Volunteer, volunteer, volunteer!

    • 8 Anugerah Dekan (checked!)
    • 7 kali 4.00 GPA (5 kali aja 4flat. okla)
    • Enrolled to The Uni of Melbourne (checked!)

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